Nimbus Christmas table

Classic Christmas dinner with everything you can think of! We serve: Seven kinds of herring Three kinds of salmon Christmas ham Munsöwurst Carpenter's sausage Country pate Mimos salad Beetroot salad J's Kötbullar Prince sausage Lutefisk Egg cheese, cake & sweets & much more! Mulled wine & gingerbread with blue cheese cream on arrival!   Price 595SEK/person including non-alcoholic drink and coffee Welcome to book for a larger group at or call us at 031-962555 

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Christmas Market at Nimbus November 16th

Christmas market at Nimbus on Saturday, November 16, 2019 Welcome to the Christmas market at Nimbus! As usual, there will be crafts, raffling, light-making, dancing around the christmas tree, devotion and coffee, etc. Below are holding times. 12.00 Crafts, light steeping, etc. 14.00 Lotteries start 15.00 Dancing around the Christmas tree A warm welcome! The proceeds go to Nimbus young.

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Nimbus Öckerö
Björnhuvudsvägen 49
SE-475 31 ÖCKERÖ Sweden
Tel: 031-96 25 55



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About Nimbus ÖCKERÖ

Nimbus Öckerö has lunch, café, accommodation and spaces for conferences with a great proximity to the sea in the Gothenburg Archipelago.

It’s the perfect location for a conference, tasty lunch, or weekend outing.

We are located just next to ÖCKERÖ ferry berth. There are also Nimbuskyrkan and several other activities.

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