Wedding at Nimbus Öckerö



Wedding at Nimbus Öckerö

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Welcome to book your wedding with us!

"We have a room with sea views for up to 200 people."
Friends of Nimbus Öckerö

Our wedding package includes venue hire for one or two days depending on your requirements. The evening before from 6pm, 1,500kr, the day before 3,000kr, and the day of the wedding 8,000kr until the end of the party.

You clean the room, kitchen and toilets yourself after the party and leave it as it was before. 

Good to know is that we have a no-alcohol policy. 

Wedding nimbus Öckerö

Party Venue Wedding

Nimbus Öckerö
Wedding nimbus Öckerö

Party Venue Wedding

Nimbus Öckerö

Accommodation wedding

You as the bride and groom and your guests can also book accommodation adjacent to the venue. Either a room at the hostel or a cottage on the jetty. Read more about accommodation.


The kitchen is well-equipped and can accommodate large parties. Refrigerator, freezer, heating cabinet, large dishwasher and two ovens and two stoves. Coffee maker and kettle.


Equipment available for rent

  • Table, chairs & crockery: 55kr/person
  • Candelabra: 55kr/pc
  • Coffee, urn a 70 cups 375kr/pc
  • Audio: 2 microphones included in the rental

"We look forward to your wedding with us."
Friends of Nimbus Öckerö


Nimbus Öckerö
Björnhuvudsvägen 49
SE-475 31 ÖCKERÖ Sweden
Tel: 031-96 25 55



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About Nimbus ÖCKERÖ

Nimbus Öckerö has lunch, café, accommodation and spaces for conferences with a great proximity to the sea in the Gothenburg Archipelago.

It’s the perfect location for a conference, tasty lunch, or weekend outing.

We are located just next to ÖCKERÖ ferry berth. There are also Nimbuskyrkan and several other activities.

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