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Nimbusgården AB (NAB) processes personal data for employees, suppliers, customers and other users as services. We protect the privacy of each person and comply with applicable legislation at any time aimed at protecting you as a private individual.

NAB is the data controller with respect to the services. Personal data refers to all information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living natural person.

We strive to maintain a high level of protection of privacy and use personal data primarily for the purpose of administering, providing, developing and maintaining our services. By submitting your personal information to us and agreeing to the applicable terms and conditions, you agree that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the respective service and under our privacy policy.

Changes to our privacy policy are announced by publishing the new terms on the NAB website and we recommend that you regularly access these.

1. Collection and processing of personal data
NAB collects and processes your personal data, i.e. information that can identify you as an individual or that can identify you, only if permitted by law. Collection and processing can take place when you place an order, register a subscription of newsletters, sign agreements, etc. When required by law, we collect such consent from you.

2. Information we collect
We only collect personal data that is relevant for the purposes described in the special terms and conditions of each service and in our privacy policy. The information we collect is, for example, information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, payments, employment, contacts in case of emergency. Our main purpose for the collection and processing of personal data is so that NAB can fulfil its commitments in the contract entered into and improve the experience for you as a person. NAB uses personal data to administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services. You have the right at any time and at no cost to request that NAB does not process your personal data for marketing purposes.

3. Where we store and transfer your personal data
NAB stores personal data in agreement with our privacy policy and applicable legislation. NAB may disclose your information to third parties such as police or other authorities if it concerns the investigation of a crime or if NAB is otherwise obliged to disclose such information on the basis of law or government decisions.

4. Protection and thinning of personal data
NAB has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against, for example, loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures to the continuous technological development. NAB screens personal data in accordance with applicable legislation and deletes or de-identifies personal data when the purpose of the processing of personal data no longer exists.

5. Other applications / web pages
The Services may contain links to other applications and/or websites that are not controlled by NAB. We are not responsible for the content of linked applications /websites and any processing by owners or operators of linked websites.

6. Cookies
NAB may collect information via cookies on our digital services. Cookies are simple text files that are saved on your computer or mobile by a website's server. It contains anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the name of the Web page. Under the help function on your browser, you can read about how to clear, block and manage your cookies. If you choose to block cookies, this may mean that some parts of the website are unavailable or function properly.

7. Change, delete and review your personal data
If your personal data changes, please inform NAB via Email. NAB will correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information at your request or when NAB detects it. You also have the right to receive an extract without charge showing which personal data about you is being processed. The request shall be made in writing to the address referred to in paragraph 9. The letter must contain your name, postal address, telephone number, email address (which has been used in communication with NAB and a copy of the ID card. The extract will be sent to your registered address. You can withdraw your consent to further personal processing (not retroactively) at any time by contacting NAB at the address set out in paragraph 9. NAB will prevent such information from further processing. Withdrawal of consent does not affect information that is made without consent, i.e. where we have a legal basis.

8. Transfer
If we sell, reorganize or otherwise transfer all or part of our business, your personal information may be transferred at the same time.

9. Contact
If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding NAB's processing of personal data and compliance with the Privacy Terms or applicable law regarding the protection of personal data, please send a letter to: Nimbusgården AB. Björnhuvudsvägen 49, 475 31 Öckerö .

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About Nimbus ÖCKERÖ

Nimbus Öckerö has lunch, café, accommodation and spaces for conferences with a great proximity to the sea in the Gothenburg Archipelago.

It’s the perfect location for a conference, tasty lunch, or weekend outing.

We are located just next to ÖCKERÖ ferry berth. There are also Nimbuskyrkan and several other activities.

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