Nimbus chefs are known for their delicious lunches

Home cooking is combined with trendy and healthy food. Fresh fish is a given! The salad has made itself widely known after the twenty years that the restaurant has been on site. 

Lunch of the day is served on weekdays 11:00-14:00. On weekends, lighter lunch options are served. We serve hot smoked salmon, pizza, salads, pies, baked potatoes, waffles etc. 



Breakfast is served every day from week 27-32 between 08:30-09:30. 
Fil, yohurt, cereals and muesli. 
Rolls with toppings, croissants, eggs, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables, coffee and juice. 

Costs 90kr


Café Nimbus Öckerö

The café at Nimbus is open all year round

Here you can enjoy home baking, waffles, egg cheese, shrimp sandwiches, baked potatoes, pizza or pies. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 08:30-16:00 and Sat-Sun 11-16:00.

Eat well

How covid-19 affects our business

We at Nimbus Öckerö Below is information about the current changes we have made to our business:

  • Invites everyone to wash their hands before entering the restaurant
  • Distance marks in the queue
  • Updated cleaning routines
  • Offers Take Away from the loading dock & payment by swish so you don't have to come in
  • Offers salad platter from the kitchen if you don't want to take from the buffet 
  • Books larger rooms for conference guests so they can sit airy and spread out
  • Accommodation in a cottage gives you an opportunity to stay overnight without being near anyone else 

Lunch of the week 40

Nimbus Öckerö
Week 40

  • Vegetarian of the Week 

    Honeyed goat cheese with quinoa salad

  • Monday

    Skagen gratinated fish fillet with white wine sauce

    Ham schnitzel with roasted potatoes and red wine sauce

  • Tuesday

    Fresh cheese gratinated fish fillet with herb sauce

    Potato pancakes with fried pork and lingonberry

  • Wednesday

    Pepper steak with fried potatoes and pepper sauce

    Poached salmon fillet with chive sauce


  • Thursday

    Choose between fish soup, pea soup or cowboy soup.

    Includes freshly baked bread with cheese buffet and pancakes with raspberry cream.


  • Friday

    Fried Fish fillet with remoulade

    Shoemaker's box with bacon, red wine sauce and mashed potatoes


Today's lunch always includes salad, bread, coffee and a small cake. We also have lunch to take away.

For children: half portion of the day's lunch. 

Welcome to Nimbus Öckerö !

A warm welcome to us

Nimbus Öckerö


Nimbus Öckerö
Björnhuvudsvägen 49
SE-475 31 ÖCKERÖ Sweden
Tel: 031-96 25 55



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About Nimbus ÖCKERÖ

Nimbus Öckerö has lunch, café, accommodation and spaces for conferences with a great proximity to the sea in the Gothenburg Archipelago.

It’s the perfect location for a conference, tasty lunch, or weekend outing.

We are located just next to ÖCKERÖ ferry berth. There are also Nimbuskyrkan and several other activities.

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