Lunch menu week 29

Lunch is served between 11:00-15:00 Monday-Friday

lunch price 155:-
incl. salad buffet, coffee/tea & cake

  • Vegetarian of the Week 

    Root vegetable gratin with citrus salad 


    • Fish Florentine with spinach and hollandaise sauce 
    • Herb marinated pork tenderloin with potato gratin and cream sauce 


    • Fish parcels with grilled vegetables and herb sauce 
    • Burgers with Dijon & horseradish aioli, pickled red onion served with fries 

    • Fried fish fillet with boiled potatoes 
    • Marinated chicken fillet with vegetable rice and chili and garlic sauce 


    • Nimbus delicious fish soup with aioli 
    • Pork fillet with tagliatelle and a creamy blue cheese sauce 


    • Swimmer's fish gratin with horseradish, mustard and mashed potatoes 
    • Paneer steak with fried onionsky new potatoes  

Today's lunch always includes salad, bread, coffee and cake with the meal.
We also have lunch to take away.

For children: half portion of the day's lunch.

Price children's portion (up to 12 years)

Welcome to Nimbus Öckerö !



Here at Nimbus in Gothenburg's northern archipelago, we are known for our delicious lunches.

Home cooking is combined with trendy and healthy food. Fresh fish is a matter of course and the fish is very popular with our guests. For lunch we offer a nice salad buffet, with a wide range of vegetables, dressings and bread.

Lunch of the day served on weekdays from 11:00 to 14:00

Sat-Sun/holidays 11:00-16:00 pm

On weekends, lighter lunch options are served.
Including pizza, various salads, pies, baked potatoes, pancakes, waffles, etc.



Week 27-32, 8.30-9.30 am, breakfast is served in the café every day.

Rolls, vegetable platters, fruit, spreads such as cheeses, brie, ham. Eggs, marmalade, croissants, nutella, etc.
Various yogurts, cereals, seed mix, coffee, tea & juice.


Adult 99kr/person
Children 70kr/person


Café Nimbus Öckerö

The café at Nimbus in the Gothenburg archipelago is open all year round.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 08:30-16:00
Sat & Sun 11:00-16:00

With us you can enjoy a good coffee in our café or on our outdoor terrace right by the sea.

Different kinds of home-baked goods, crispy waffles with jam & cream, or food waffles with lumpfish roe & crème fraiche, pancakes, egg cheese, shrimp sandwiches, baked potatoes, pizza and pies among others.

(January and February we are closed on weekends)

Eat well

A warm welcome to us

Nimbus Öckerö


Nimbus Öckerö
Björnhuvudsvägen 49
SE-475 31 ÖCKERÖ Sweden
Tel: 031-96 25 55


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About Nimbus ÖCKERÖ

Nimbus Öckerö has lunch, café, accommodation and spaces for conferences with a great proximity to the sea in the Gothenburg Archipelago.

It’s the perfect location for a conference, tasty lunch, or weekend outing.

We are located just next to ÖCKERÖ ferry berth. There are also Nimbuskyrkan and several other activities.

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